Loyalty Program

InfoPos Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Program

Looking to get creative with added incentives and rewards for your most loyal customers?

The InfoPOS Loyalty Program is a comprehensive and customizable solution to allow your marketing department to get creative.

Membership cards and mobile apps with the power of creative promotions are one of the most popular choices for any InfoPOS loyalty program.

Rewarding your most loyal customers can be achieved with tiered loyalty programs, loyalty points based on dollars spent or quantities purchased, and detailed reporting on their buying habits to ensure your promotions remain inline with their preferences.

Integrated with Sage 300 and Sage X3, InfoPOS delivers a complete retail solution that can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

Key Features

  • Membership Cards

    Create comprehensive membership programs that reward your most loyal customers with promotions and discounts.

  • eCommerce

    Loyalty doesn’t finish at the store. Take your loyalty program online by utilizing the embedded eCommerce platform from InfoPOS.

  • Management

    A centralized management tool that allows you to create targeted promotions, pricing and incentives to all or specific customers.

InfoPOS Extensions

Let us show you how the InfoPOS loyalty system is boosting sales for our Retailers?