InfoPos Layaways


Do your customers expect flexibility with their purchases? Are you wanting to offer a convenient way to buy now and pay later?

Layaways are a simple way for your customers to buy now, and pay later.

The Layaways extension can be customized to suit your processes and industry requirements. Examples of customizations offered include:

  • Setting minimum deposit amounts
  • Stock is reserved
  • Order is not sent through to Sage until it has been finalized
  • Deposits can be retained if order is cancelled

Integrated with Sage 300 and Sage X3, InfoPOS delivers a complete retail solution that can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

Key Features

  • Configuration

    Each Retail location can have it’s own settings to cater for specific regional requirements or to better suit the local customer base.

  • Minimum Deposits

    Minimum Deposit amounts can be set as a % or $ value of the purchase price. These can be customized to suit a specific location if required.

  • Reporting

    Reports can be generated to determine all pending payments, popular layaway items and more.

InfoPOS Extensions

Could your customers benefit from Layaways?