A recent survey by SAGE shows the real costs of administration on Small to Medium Enterprises


Do you often think that your business is spending far too much time on administrative tasks? Are jobs such as accounting, taking inventory, balancing the books and processing sales chewing up the majority of staff wages?

We aren’t surprised! A recent study by SAGE has shown that Australian businesses spend an average of 81 days per year on administrative tasks alone. To put this in perspective, if your business opens seven days a week and only shuts on public holidays, this is still almost a quarter of your year spent on admin. A quarter of your year that you could be spending on important things like improving customer relationships, discovering new loyalty programs, encouraging return patronage and enhancing products. Actions that will boost your profits!

Weighted average manpower burden by country

Source: SAGE | PLUM ‘Sweating the Small Stuff: the impact of the bureaucracy burden’

How does the rest of the world size up?

It isn’t just Australian SME’s that are suffering because of administration overload. The research shows that the UK is wasting 5.6% of their time on admin, while the US is losing 4.9%, approximately the same as Australia. This is costing these countries billions per year with businesses in Australia alone costing approximately $81,000 each per year. The main reason this is happening? Outdated point of sale and enterprise resource planning software.

Potential loss in productivity

Source: SAGE | PLUM ‘Sweating the Small Stuff: the impact of the bureaucracy burden’

Inefficient systems = wasted time.

Does your accounting software speak directly to your POS system?
Does your stock inventory automatically update across all store sites?
Does your POS system integrate with your in-store and online promotions and gift cards?

If you answered no to all of these questions, then it’s time to update your ERP and POS systems. The best way to do this is to choose two systems that fully integrate with one another for the most streamlined operation of your business.

InfoPOS & SAGE, your time-enhancing solution.

InfoPOS is the point of sale system that integrates fully with SAGE ERP. These two systems combined can cut the time you spend on admin in half! Especially if you run a business with stores across multiple sites. InfoPOS will automatically update your data from both in-store and online sales so that your inventory levels are consistently correct and you can see your profit margins for your entire company at-a-glance. No more manual data entry or lengthy processing times!

More time for what’s important.

With a fully integrated retail solution, your staff will be spending more time landing sales or enquiries and less time on administrative tasks. If you want:

  • Standout customer service,
  • Captivating window displays,
  • Efficient service,
  • Quicker sales processing,
  • User-friendly interfaces,
  • And automatically updated data,

Refresh your systems with InfoPOS and SAGE today! Contact our friendly customer service representatives for a free live demo of our software!